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OcLaunch 0.2.2 is out!

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Today (6/6), version 0.2.2 went out.
There are some amazing functionality! Read the post to know more.

What is new

Major functionality:

  • Messages displayed with bold, underline and colors.
  • Allow to install from opam throw opam pin add pkg repo
  • Allow to set tmp file with environment variable “OC_TMP”. See #9 and #6
  • Add options:
    • “-v” to set verbosity.
    • “--no-color” to toggle color off
    • “--edit” is synonym of “--modify” now

Minor functionality:

  • Improve resetting: tips, way to roll back
  • Add unit tests, to improve stability
  • Clean help
  • Better display after editing an entry. Ignore empty lines and fix #10
  • Use lazyness to speed up and lead to less error
  • Locking tmp file to prevent launching two times the same item

Correct bugs:

  • When executing oclaunc -r more than once, it tries to delete an unexisting file and this led to errors.
  • When some variable like $EDITOR was not set, it was crashing everytime. Now, it crashes only if there is no other solution.

Extracted from the changelog.


To install, select the 0.2.2 version with 0install. See Installation section. 0install may also update it automatically, depending on your settings.

With opam

If your architecture is not supported by prebuilt version, you may use opam.

At the moment, an

opam pin add oclaunch http://download.tuxfamily.org/oclaunch/sources/oclaunch-0.2.2.tar.bz2

Some version of opam may complain, add this url could help: https://gitlab.com/WzukW/oclaunch/

As usual, feedback (bug, ideas and so on) is welcomed at leowzukw@vmail.me or on GitLab, Bibucket and whatever you want.