OcLaunch Launch automagically


Get the sources of the program

Since the program is open-source, you can get the sources with these ways :


There is a lot of mirror of the code, hence Gitlab is most actively updated one :

Static tarball

You can get tarballs with Git interfaces or in this directory.

Signed material

Most important things (git tags and tarball) are signed with this key. You may download a tarball and the .sig file. You can then verify the signature with this command (from GnuPG manual):

# gpg --verify tarball.sig tarball

Warning: .gpg files are bigger, since they contain both the signature and the data. You may verify them with gpg --output tarball --decrypt tarball.gpg.

Install it

Go on the Quick start page and follow instruction for Opam or Sources.


See Contribute.